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  • Optical LC Attenuator
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    Optical LC Attenuator

    LC Fixed Type Attenuator Description: The ability of any fiber optic system to transmit data ultimately depends on the optical power at the receiver as shown below, which shows the data link bit error rate as a function of optical power at the receiver. (BER is the inverse of signal-to-noise...
  • Optical SC Attenuator
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    Optical SC Attenuator

    SC/UPC Fixed Type Attenuator Application: 1. Control the power level: in the microwave super-heterodyne receiver to local oscillator output power control, access to the best noise figure and frequency loss to achieve the best reception. In the microwave receiver, automatic gain control to...
  • Optical ST Attenuator
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    Optical ST Attenuator

    ST/UPC Optical Attenuator Description: Fiber Attenuator is a component mounted on a fiber optic transmission system that reduces the power of optical signals. It is used for debugging optical power performance in optical communication system, calibration calibration of optical fiber...
  • Optical FC Attenuator
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    Optical FC Attenuator

    FC Fixed Type Attenuator FC/APC Single Mode Optical Attenuator 1 2 5 10 15 20 25 30Db for choose and customize according to client’s requirement. Application: *EDFA DWDM *OADM CATV *Fiber Optic transmission system *Equipment test *LANs,WANs *FTTX FC/UPC Single Mode Optical Attenuator
We're one of the leading fixed type fiber attenuator manufacturers and suppliers in China, also providing customized service and free sample. Welcome to wholesale fixed type fiber attenuator from our factory. There are bulk products in stock for you to choose from.

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