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Fiber tool Kits

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  • Rotary Cable Stripper Splitter
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    Rotary Cable Stripper Splitter

    Description: The 10/100/1000M Ethernet Dual Fiber Media Converter translates transmission signals from a twisted-pair 10/100/1000Base-Tx to 10/100/1000Base-FX fiber optical cable. The 10/100/1000M ethernet Fiber Media Converter has SNMP based intelligent network management,by which user can...
  • Rotary Cable Stripping Tool
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    Rotary Cable Stripping Tool

    Rotary Cable Stripper The Rotary Cable Stripper is used for stripping fiber optic cable.It has a precision adjustment for consistent stripdepth and can be used for jackets ranging from 4.5mm-25mm.It’s designed for frequent and heavy duty used. Features ●Suitable for any single ore multiple...
  • Rotary Cable Sheath Stripping Tools
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    Rotary Cable Sheath Stripping Tools

    Features: Stripes outer jackets of coaxial cables, such as RG-58/59/62/6/6QS/3C/4C/5C cables. Double Blades. Fully Adjustable & Replaceable Blades. Stripes 4, 6, 8 and 12mm of cable length. (adjustable) Simple operation: lock the tool over the cable, spin clockwise, then pull off the...
  • Rotary Cable Stripping Knife
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    Rotary Cable Stripping Knife

    Feature: *Lightweight, compact, cost-effective stripper, simple to operate. *Adjustable stripping blade for different insulation thickness,prevent damage of shielding and conductors. *The cassette can be reversed to change different coaxial cable. *Easily to adjust with thumb screw. *Strips...
  • Cable Slitter for Removing Outer Sheath Optical Cable
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    Cable Slitter for Removing Outer Sheath Optical Cable

    Slit and Strip fiber optic round Cables Slitter in 0.18’’(4.5mm)-1’’(25.4mm)diameter for adjustable cutting depth Features: ●Elastic line pressing mode, suitable for different insulation thickness of the wire stripping ●Light weight, compact, easy to carry ●It won’t damage the shelled wire and...
  • Handheld Fiber Optic Round Cable Slitter
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    Handheld Fiber Optic Round Cable Slitter

    Feature: *Single and multiple-wired cable crimping *Available for most types of modular plug: RJ-45,RJ-12,RJ-11 andRJ-10 *Build-in detachable cable testers *Removable and smaller cable tester, can be disassembled and usealone like normal cable *Available for testing both UTP/STP cable and...
  • Cleaning Kits for Connectors
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    Cleaning Kits for Connectors

    Inspection and Cleaning Kits Optical fiber cleaning toolbox is the necessary tool for cleaning and maintenance of fiber optic cable. The high density aluminum alloy box has reasonable design, clever application space, tightening tool is not easy to dislocate, make the tool neatly to prevent...
  • Inspection and Cleaning Kits
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    Inspection and Cleaning Kits

    Description: Fiber Optic Inspection And Cleaning Tool Kits is assembled for the fiber optic network inspection and cleaning. There are6 tools in standard package. To meet different application needs, this tool kits would be added or removed some tools. Features 1) light weight and easy to carry...
  • Fusion Splicing Tool Kits
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    Fusion Splicing Tool Kits

    Fusion Splicing Tool Kits
  • Fusion Splicing Tool Kits Cases
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    Fusion Splicing Tool Kits Cases

    What’s inside The YG Fiber Fusion Splicing Tool Kit includes all cable and fiber preparation tools you'll need to prepare for a optical fiber fusion splicing, single mode and multimode. It includes fiber cable jacket stripper, buffer tube stripper, fiber stripper to 125um cladding size,...
  • Fiber Optic Test and Restoration Kits
  • Optical Fiber Test Set Kits with Power Meter
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    Optical Fiber Test Set Kits with Power Meter

    Feature: Wavelength(nm): 800~1700nm Detector: InGaAs Measurement Range (dBm): -70~+10 Uncertainty: ±0.2(5%) Calibrated Wavelength(nm): 850,980,1300,1310,1490,1550 Resolution(dB): Linear indication: 0.1% Loharithmic indication: 0.01dBm Optical Connector: FC/ Universal 2.5mm adaptor Power Supply:...
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