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  • GYXTW Fiber Central Loose Tube Outdoor Cable 2 to 12core
  • 2 Cores GYXTW Cable
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    2 Cores GYXTW Cable

    Description: Armored Uni-Tube Single Jacket/Single Armor fiber optic cable with fibers placed in loose buffer tube. The cable core is protected with a corrugated steel tape armor and cover with a black polyethylene out jacket. Two embedded steel wire provide desire tension. Feature: Uni-tube...
  • 12 Cores GYXTW Cable
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    12 Cores GYXTW Cable

    Description: GYXTW copper armored cable is an outdoor communication optical cable of metal strength member of the central tube jelly-filled structure with embedding steel-polyethylene laminated sheath, consisting of the central loose tube, two parallel steel wire strength members, and sheath....
  • 4 Cores GYXTW Cable
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    4 Cores GYXTW Cable

    Description: GYXTW fiber optic cable is the structure of single-mode or multi-mode fiber into a high modulus of polyester material made of loose tube, the casing filled with water-resistant compounds. Loose casing with a layer of double-sided plastic coated steel strip (PSP) longitudinal...
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